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20 Shades Of Melanin Campaign

Our shades range in many different flavors from vanilla to dark chocolate. I am proud. I am beautiful. I am golden. I am magic. I am a queen. I am a black woman!


At age 10 I stood on the auditorium's stage in my elementary school in front of a packed crowd with my voice projected, poised posture and black gal attitude reciting Linda Michelle Barron's poem "Blackness is". Winning 2nd place for my performance, I was proud. At that time it was because of the performance itself not so much of what the words were saying. I would have never imagined 20+ years later (well 22 years to be exact) :-) I would be reflecting on that very day with so much pride for being a black woman.......


Saturday, September 20, 2016 I debuted my collection of 20+ looks during New York Fashion Week. Although I thoroughly enjoyed showing at NYFW I needed this collection to be bigger than just articles of clothing. I need this to resonate with the people. The 20 Shades of Melanin Campaign was brought to life when I began creating this collection not too long ago. The purpose behind the movement is to celebrate the beautiful shades of "melanated" women and tackle the stereotypes that comes along with being black women in America. #TheAngryBlackWoman #LightVsDark #TheBleachingEpidemic #HerQUEENdom "BlackGirlMagic and sooo much more! I am so eager to put this project into the world. Please stay tuned for what's to come of this campaign!!!

"Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real!" -Jesse Williams

In progress......

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