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Designer Zina Lanay

Zina  Lanay Walcott

Fashion Designer Zina Lanay Walcott, is the creative director of Zina Lanay Clothing and Ze Elle by Zina Lanay. She is definitely an emerging talent in the fashion industry.


Zina was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her continuous love and passion for fashion not only became her career but her lifestyle as well. Different in style and thinking outside the box comes naturally to this fashion connoisseur; living by the motto "dare to be different."


A graduate of Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia, Zina received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in May 2006. After relocating back to New York to pursue a career in the fashion industry, she met her mentor and friend Ricardo Louison. Ricardo, the talented creative director of Creativ Soule Fashion Group and Fashion House Academy amongst others offered Zina her first job in the fashion industry as his assistant stylist.


Zina, then worked several other fashion jobs. She interned at Ford Modeling Agency while working at Bloomingdales as a Sale Professional and Creativ Soule Fashion Group as an assistant stylist. While trying to find her place in the fashion industry she called home, there was something missing; a void. Battling with herself for some time on whether or not she "had what it takes to design" she finally made the decision to continue her education in pursuit of becoming a fashion designer. 


Zina attended the Art Institute of New York City in January 2009. Graduating June 2010 one of the top of her class with a degree in Fashion Design. While working on her fashion degree Zina worked as a Fashion Instructor at The Fashion House Academy.  Post graduation Zina  worked for Astor & Black Custom Clothiers as a Design/Production Assistant for 3  years.


January 2013, Zina resigned from Astor & Black Custom Clothiers to pursue her career as a full-time fashion designer; one of the hardest decisions she's ever had to make. Zina has now found her place, with only great opportunities to come. She continues to work hard; focusing on the present and future of her business. She is beyond grateful for the love, support and encouragement from family and friends. Zina will continue to LIVE her DREAM!



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