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Pink Fashion Leggings

Zina Lanay LLC

Zina Lanay is custom couture clothing based in New York City. Designer Zina Walcott, puts a great deal of time and effort into each piece created for her clients. She fabric source, patternmakes, cut and sew each garment. The goal of the Zina Lanay brand is to give women a sense of individuality, confidence, exclusivity and above all to feel just as beautiful and stunning as they look.


The Zina Lanay woman is original; a daring reflection of class and grace. She plays with color, print, texture, shape and stands at the forefront of fashion. Naturally, she is the center of attention.


Zina Lanay caters to the woman that isn't afraid to be herself or to break "fashion rules". She is definitely a show stopper; loving the attention she so effortlessly receives. Although she already knows it, a little compliment never hurts the Zina Lanay woman.

Our Mission

is to create a space for our clients to look and feel their absolute best through trust, authenticity, vulnerability and most importantly our garments created with love.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand our clients on a deeper level. With experience, creativity and skill we connect with them and their unique style; creating one of a kind garments. Let’s design something wonderful together, set up your consultation today!

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