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The Zina Project in the beginning

I discovered I had an eye for fashion when I was in the 3rd grade. Not knowing it was a gift at that time I went on with my life doing what kids do. I wanted to become a teacher, so I thought. To my surprise becoming a fashion designer was already deeply rooted within me. My sole purpose of wanting to become a teacher at the age of 8 was because I wanted to dress up and wear red lipstick. In class I would fantasize about me dressing my teachers differently, giving them a more fresher and stylish look. Who knew at that age my world was aligning itself for where I stand today in life.

Fast forward, senior year of high school, prepping for college. Virginia State here I come!! FYI VSU was not my first choice in Universities. My first love was StonyBrook University in New York State. I had my entire life planned out (or so I thought). My high school sweetheart and I would get a place together near campus, I would go to school, we'd get married, have children and live happily ever after. Fortunately, the universe had other plans for me. StonyBrook did not accept me (bummer at the time). So VSU here I come.

Sill no major declared. I didnt know what I wanted to major in but I knew I wanted to have my own business and graduate with a Business degree. I hopped in the first business major for the sake of having a major, afterall classes were beginning in a matter of weeks. Once again, the universe said no maam to Economics and Finance, so Business Management is what it is.

Side bar: Funny tidbit, my love for fashion only grew 100x more as I grew older but I never went on to pursuing an education in design (at that time) because my best friend during those years also had a love for fashion. I didnt want to step on her toes or feel as if i was competing with her (teenagers ahhh). How crazy is that right?! Here's a little advice, never ever and I mean never be afraid to go after whatever it is your heart desire out of worry what others may think. Never dim your God given light for someone else to shine. Do you!! its your life, live it and live it doing what you love to do!

Fast foward, graduated VSU in May 2006. Work job after job falling in and out of love with them. Some I did because it was a paycheck and I had bills to pay. Living in NYC ain't cheap. After doing so for 3 years I decided it was time to put all of the fear aside and follow my heart. Art Institute of NYC here I come!!!! I fell in love with everything about the school. Went on my interview on a Wednesday and two weeks later I started class. I felt every emotion I could possible feel knowing that after all these years this 8 years old girl was finally aligned with the universe. New York Fashion week here I come!!!

Or so I thought!! Oh Em Geee design school was so hard, period! I wanted to pull my hair out, I cried at least 5x a week lol (its funny now but felt like hell back then). Sketching class was the absolute worst. You definitely have to have a love for it to endure the continuous stress. I fell in love with sewing though. It was fun and its where I did my best work. Overall, fashion design school was great, the good bad and ugly sketches! 1.5 years later I graduated, fulfilled. I knew this was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. Fashion Week NYC here I come!!!!!

Or so I thought........

So here I am fresh out of college again! This time being a little different because I know the industry I want to work in. For nearly 3 years I work as an assistant design/production assistant for a men's custom clothing company. I worked as an assistant to one of the best clothiers in NYC. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for me. So on 2/22/13 I put in my letter of resignation. Do you know how terrifying it is to go from financial security to just going on faith?? Well if you don't I'm here to tell you that it is horrifying. I even had an anxiety attack on my very first day of what has become my new normal.

Fast forward again, this blog is becoming a little lengthy (sorry). Present day, I am currently working for myself. I will write a blog about the ups and downs of entreprenuership. I am currently working on a collection fashion week next year. Keep a look out for that! It will be awesome of course. In the meantime shop Zina Lanay and dont forget to subscribe to my website if you havent already.

Thanks for reading


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