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Passion, Prayer, Purpose

A Collection Of Stories To Help Any Woman Design + Her + life

Are You Ready to Design + Your + Life? 

For any woman standing at a crossroads, torn between life’s expectations and the desires of your heart Passion, Prayer & Purpose is an essential starting place! This compilation of stories will inspire, motivate, and assist you in whatever your transition may be. Whether it be climbing out of depression, feeling as if you are at your place of rock bottom from addiction, healing from abuse of your past, or starting your entrepreneurial journey, these stories are guaranteed to be a blueprint to help any woman Design+Her+Life.


Born out of a conversation between two friends on different journeys yet hoping to achieve the same end goal of the “American Dream” came the realization that the experience for women of color can be filled with a unique set of roadblocks, many of which are taboo in the minority community. The conversation ended with the conclusion that there is a need for stories written by “every day women” who have used their pain to lead them to Prayer, as a way to find their Purpose, and set Priorities that moved them forward. With workbook exercises included at the end of each chapter, it is the goal of the authors that any woman will put this book down with a new plan to


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